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Bullish on Black Women in Web3 featuring Mec

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There’s been a familiar stir on the internet for the better part of the last decade. Those of us who remember the Y2K era know the vibes. The murmuring of “something new.” The bleeding-edge technology that only a few know what to do with. The mad dash for a seat at the table. But Web3 is more than the latest buzzword; it’s the third coming of the Internet, a new frontier that promises to revolutionize how information and assets are governed, freeing users from the chains of Big Tech. But what the fuck is an NFT? We decided to ask a brilliant Black woman.

Her bio would lead you to believe she has a devoted niche, but the self-proclaimed “maker” affectionately known as mec is a poster child for the term “multi-hyphenate.” She sings, she raps, she started an all-Black punk band in Atlanta. She built an entire building in Brooklyn out of shipping pallets, makes custom furniture and builds websites. Now, thanks to the rise of Twitter Spaces over the past few years, mec has become a notable NFT and Web3 educator and community builder. There, on the set of our cover shoot co-starring a 1982 DeLorean, mec sat down with CRWNMAG founder Nkrumah Farrar to discuss doing the hard things, pioneering in the Metaverse, and how Black women can help bridge the digital divide.

Features: Folded poster/zine
Published by: CRWN Magazine
Dimensions: 24in x 36in (6in x 9in folded)

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