Inside The Manifesto

The Black Wombman is god. 
Doula and Mama Glow founder, Latham Thomas, teaches us to tap into the power of our wombs.

My Natural, My Politics, My Way
Sociologists of the body view hair as inherently social and political — a physical and symbolic form through which race, class and gender hierarchies, social control and social etiquette are played out.

Suga Mouth
A Brown girl’s guide to lip color by Kelly Augustine.

Travel Allowed Me to Come Home to Myself
Travel is the gateway to freedom — the world is the best mirror through which you’ll ever see yourself.

In Search of Saviors
For the woman waiting on someone who can see her gaping wounds and still call her magic.

Free Your Mind: Afro Reflections
“I spent my entire life under the impression that my hair was too ‘nappy’ to be beautiful.”

Black Beauty & the Economics of Liberation
Redistributing wealth in the Black beauty industry has particular revolutionary potential.

No Competition — Sisterhood.
The importance of sisterhood cannot be overstated. It is the glue that holds communities together. It’s the mortar that enables the bricks of our movements to be stacked.

Pours Coconut Oil On Entire Life
Coconut oil is one of nature’s special gifts — here’s a quick guide to using and sourcing coconut oil!

Finding Love in Forgotten Cities
Brittsense’s 222 Forgotten Cities series, arguably her most well-known work to date, draws attention to key Black communities with the purpose of giving voice to the residents.

Thrwn: A Tussled Journey to Finding a King.
“He is establishing rules. And although I’ve trained myself not to take anything on the first few dates seriously, I am already seeking intentions.”

What if everything you learned on Youtube is wrong?
Top stylists — Vernon Francois, Kim Kimble, Yene Damtew and more — weigh in on today’s most popular natural hair myths.

How Much Money Will You Spend On Your Hair This Year?
The haircare industry is finally evolving to cater to the needs of natural-haired consumers. But one thing remains constant: textured hair care is big business. Tonya Rapley of My Fab Finance breaks down how the most common hairstyles stack up financially.

Inside The Love Issue

I’m Not Your Superwoman
Who said you had to do it all in order to have it all? Tiffany Dufu on how to expect less from yourself, get more from your partner and flourish at work and life.

I Never Wanted a Wedding
We went dress shopping with Essence’s Senior News & Culture Editor — and learned that wedding planning involves far more than flowers, tulle and tuxes.

Every Body Yoga
Jessamyn Stanley is bringing Black, curvy, radical self-love to the exclusive world of yoga — shattering the stereotypes of the “typical” yoga body or practice.

Self-Love as Religion
Mama Cax intimately recounts her journey from cancer Victim to Survivor — leading to her ultimate adoption of self-love as religion.

Bitch Better Have My Money
Knowing your worth is not just about feeling warm and fuzzy. Executive coach Angelina Darrisaw helps us to understand our position and value in the marketplace.

Better Brows
Whether yours are thin, growing back in or super thick — celebrity makeup artist Delina Medhin has you covered with a foolproof guide for naturally beautiful brows.

For Tight Curls, Coils & Kinks
A “4C” beauty herself and the master behind Issa’s (seemingly infinite) looks on HBO’s Insecure — Felicia Leatherwood expertly answers the most frequent kinky hair care questions.

Back and Forth with Heben and Tracy
The hosts of BuzzFeed’s hit podcast, Another Round, weigh in on Imposter Syndrome, self-care and what Black girls should know. (Hint: you are everything.)

Ivory & Ash: Sisterhood at Work
Our editor-in-chief sits down with Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory, the soulful creative duo redefining and beautifying the world of wellness for Black women. Having intentionally built their lives — and livelihood — around championing women of color on their wellness journeys, they are the embodiment of sisterhood at work.

Make the Dream Work
Jamyla Bennu, founder of natural hair and skincare company Oyin Handmade, shares nuggets from her 18-year marriage and how her family “says it with their work.”

New Mommy Starter Pack
Hyper Skin founder Desiree Verdejo knows a thing or two about beauty products. She rounds up her favorites that got her through the sleepless newborn phase.

Inside The Money & Power Issue

Zora Neale Hurston, The Slave Ship Clotilda and the New Reparations Movement
Jahi Issa, Ph.D. and Reggie Mabry offer an historical exploration of the illegal slave trade in the U.S. and present a new case for reparations.

Black Baller Shot Caller
Writer and social commentarian, Jill Louise Busby — a.k.a. Jillisblack — on whether it's possible to pursue money ethically in capitalist America.

High Time: Black Women & The Green Rush
A chat with three cannabis entrepreneurs about the unique challenges facing Black women looking to stake their claim in the Green Rush.

Made in Africa, Sold in Brklyn
Nilea Alexander styles four looks pulled from her exquisitely-curated Crown Heights boutique, Marche Rue Dix.

Laughing Through it All: Phoebe Robinson’s Journey from Debt to Success
The comedian, writer, podcaster and actress on her latest book, accessing her innate power...and hiding debt from her parents.

Why I Just Turned Down One Million Dollars
Founder of experiential giant, COLORS Worldwide — creator of R&B Only — breaks down how important capital is for a growing business and why a million dollars really ain’t shit.

Inherited: Our Legacy is Our Wealth
A conversation about family business, wealth and legacy with A’Lelia Bundles — great-great-granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker.

The Road to Freedom: Wielding Black Political Power
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and radio talk show host Karen Hunter on voting strategically, galvanizing political power and fighting for freedom.

Morgan DeBaun: Betting on Black Media
In our cover feature, Blavity, Inc.’s CEO & Founder — Morgan DeBaun — weighs in on money, power and Black entrepreneurship in the Digital Age.

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